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Selena Gomez just 26 has already had two high profile breakups with The Weeknd and Justin Bieber and is well known to keep out of the drama. Despite the two going back into the arms of their exes models Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, Selena has decided not to defame them with subtweets. She does not want to think of her exes following the old Buddhist theory. In a HollywoodLife exclusive she said that she wants the best for them as she believes in Karma.

It is common for exes to fight over social media only to bring out their private life into the public domain show each other in poor light. She has confessed that she does not walk to talk ill about people publicly as it would haunt her. Selena also said that she wants them to be happy as she is not interested in the drama anymore. She said that the entry of Justin and Weeknd has made her life a random drama. She was forced to witness her boyfriend being involved in whirlwind engaged and had to manage Bella’s ex.

But nevertheless Selena is really hurt because of Justin than Weeknd. The biggest downfall for Selena, is the investment of $5 million on 101 acre Canadian mansion to move post wedding with Hailey. At this new Selena is devastated hearing this news informs sources close to Selena. It was always been her dream to settle far away in the countryside with Justin away from the hustle bustle of Hollywood. Selena has recently fought solace in Jennifer Aniston 49 who has been singled recently.

Music Shows
The choice is abundant when it comes to music shows in Los Angeles County. There is live music from top twenty county music so of them are listed below:
· Their Prime was released by the Band in Vancouver, British Columbia. The album is both chaotic and dreamy and it is about the transcending the complex life of young adulthood. Jo Passed will be performing live on Aug 27 at 8 pm, the venue is Teragram Ballroom beside the Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

When questioning the lead man of Jo Passed, Jo Hirabayashi, about the type of music created by Jo Passed , he answered that music is spiritually chills the anxiety in the heart. It is an inspiration and irrespective of the albums or bands, it is the reinterpretation of the possibilities. While speaking, Jo informs that his journey of the 20s is the inspiration for Their Prime. It is all about belonging in terms of establishing their identity. And how the transformation happens in the 30s on feeling indifferent about the search.

JH also feels that marketing is the most difficult part of the music making process. Moreover, he is interested in playing old music to make him feel the content. He also likes to visit old forms of futurism that have moved out of phase. Making albums is the coolest thing as it would be selling for decades.

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